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PeopleKeep UX Refresh: Streamlining Usability and Design (3 Weeks)

Enhancing usability and brand alignment


I was contracted to conduct a 3-week UX audit to improve the app and make its design match the company’s new branding.

Role and Team

  • Product Designer ✋
  • Product Manager
  • 2 Engineers


  • UX audi
  • User flow and behavior analysis
  • Branding
  • Design system creation

Outcomes and Impact

  • Simplified color scheme (reduced 172 colors to brand-consistent options)
  • Modernized typography for better readability
  • Established a foundation for a central design system

The Challenge

PeopleKeep wanted to make their app more user-friendly and ensure its design reflected their recent brand refresh. This meant streamlining the app’s look and feel while making it easier for users to navigate and complete tasks.

Working Together

I teamed up with PeopleKeep’s product and engineering team to understand the app and identify areas for improvement. We reviewed the signup process and basic user flow, focusing on any confusing steps.

A Fresh Look

I analyzed the app’s design patterns, including a whopping 172 colors! This variety made the app feel cluttered and didn’t match the new brand guidelines. I recommended consolidating these colors and aligning them with the new brand colors along with a few other updates to create a more unified and modern look.

Action Plan

Working with their product team, I created a prioritized list of immediate changes that would have a big impact. This included:

  • Color Palette: Reducing the 172 colors to a smaller set that aligned with the new brand.
  • Typography: Updating the font styles for a cleaner and more readable appearance.
  • Design System Foundation: Laying the groundwork for a central design system that ensures consistency across the app.

Positive Outcomes

Our recommendations were well-received by the PeopleKeep executive team. We successfully:

  • Simplified the Color Scheme: Reduced the overwhelming number of colors to a more manageable and brand-consistent palette.
  • Modernized Typography: Updated the font styles to improve readability and overall user experience.
  • Established a Design System Foundation: Created a starting point for a central design system that will guide future design decisions.

This quick audit helped PeopleKeep make their app more user-friendly and visually appealing, all while aligning with their evolving brand identity.