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Designing a User-Friendly Interface for MarkLogic’s Pharma R&D Data Hub in 5 weeks!

Simplifying search for researchers


MarkLogic needed a user-friendly interface for their Pharma R&D Data Hub launch in 5 weeks.

Role and Team

  • Product Designer ✋
  • Product Owner
  • 2 Engineers


  • User research
  • UX design
  • UI visual design
  • Design system creation
  • Prototyping

Outcomes and Impact

Designed a clear and efficient interface with a component-based design system, enabling a successful product announcement.

Facing a Tight Deadline

MarkLogic was gearing up for the public announcement of their ambitious Pharma R&D Data Hub at their annual user conference. While the engineering team had built a powerful tool, the user interface needed a user-friendly makeover—all within a tight five-week timeframe.

Joining the Team

I joined a team of engineers and a product owner as a contracted Product Designer to streamline the user experience for researchers. The initial interface, based on rough wireframes, posed challenges: complex navigation could slow researchers down.

Creating a Cohesive Experience

To achieve clarity and efficiency, I started by gathering all relevant documentation—brand guidelines, product functionalities, and content needs. Leveraging Figma, I built a working component-based design system, a library of reusable elements ensuring a consistent look and feel. This system guided the design of key screens and user flows, providing a clear visual language for researchers.

Collaboration and Success

Close collaboration with the engineering team was crucial. We reviewed and modified designs iteratively to ensure a smooth implementation within the tight timeframe. The final product was a well-organized and intuitive interface that helped researchers quickly navigate and visualize their data.

Impactful product announcement

The redesigned interface proved to be instrumental in MarkLogic’s most successful product announcements to date, according to internal feedback. The new design system not only enhanced usability but also saved development time, allowing the team to focus on core functionalities, and demonstrating the power of user-centered design in delivering a successful product launch, even under tight deadlines