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From Data Distrust to Global Impact: Reimagining the Missionary Portal

We didn't just give the Missionary Portal a fresh coat of paint; we reimagined how it could better serve thousands of missionaries, their families, and staff across the globe.


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Updated the Missionary Portal for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, rethinking the Immunization Tool and aligning the entire Portal with the Church’s Global Visual Style Guide.

Role and Team

  • Product Designer ✋
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • 7+ Engineers


  • User research
  • UX Design
  • Information architecture
  • Data visualization
  • Responsive design

Outcomes and Impact

  • Slashed immunization data entry errors by over 50%
  • Empowered staff to manage global immunization requirements independent of technical staff
  • Boosted MTC medical staff confidence in immunization data improving accuracy and efficiency

The Mission Begins

Our 9-month mission to overhaul the Missionary Portal began with a seemingly simple task: align it with the Church’s Global Visual Style Guide. However, we quickly uncovered deeper issues that required our attention.

Affected users and project goals

  • Approx. 75,000 missionaries across 400+ missions in 100+ countries
  • 14 Missionary Training Centers (MTCs) worldwide struggling with unreliable data
  • The transition from an internally-built CMS to Adobe Experience Manager
  • Relaunch in 11 languages

Uncovering Hidden Challenges

Through user research and stakeholder interviews, we discovered a series of interconnected issues impacting the effectiveness of the Missionary Portal, particularly the Immunization Tool.

Key findings:

  • Low trust in immunization data received by MTC medical staff
  • Inefficient and error-prone immunization data input process due to a confusing UI and difficult-to-understand explanations
  • Unused and confusing admin interface for updating global immunization requirements
  • Manual quarterly updates relying on emailed Word documents and swamped database admins

Designing a Solution

Armed with our research insights, we embarked on a six-month journey to reimagine the immunization tool and related processes.

Design process highlights:

  • Collaborated with Missionary Medical Advisors to understand global vaccination needs
  • Created user flows accommodating various vaccination methods while simplifying input
  • Designed a responsive, intuitive UI that reduced data input errors by over 50%
  • Developed a dashboard for MTC staff to review and prioritize missionary health needs and more accurately order dosages needed to administer vaccinations
  • Redesigned the admin interface for efficient management of global immunization requirements

A Global Transformation

Our solution went beyond mere visual updates, addressing core functionality issues and creating new features to enhance user experience and data management on a global scale.

Key improvements:

  • Streamlined immunization data input process for missionaries and their families
  • Enhanced dashboard for MTC staff, improving confidence in data and treatment prioritization
  • Empowered Missionary Department staff to directly update global immunization requirements
  • Designed with translation gain in mind for 11 languages
  • Adhered to WCAG guidelines as best we could

The Ripple Effect

The impact of our work continues years after the 2019 launch, touching the lives of thousands involved in the Church’s missionary program.

Lasting impact:

  • Improved data entry for immunizations for missionaries and their families
  • Enhanced efficiency for MTC staff in managing missionary immunization needs
  • Streamlined global immunization requirement updates
  • Continued use of the system design since its 2019 launch