Culture Cloud Initiatives exploration

Where to go next?


Initiatives is a product from O.C. Tanner, aimed at improving workplace culture by providing leaders with a way to utilize their discretionary budgets for purpose-driven recognition opportunities.

Problem Statement

The focus of this project was to figure out how to increase marketplace traction by experimenting with features that expanded or diverged from the current offering.

Users and Audience

The users of this product are client administrators and individual leaders who are looking to encourage culture building and create behavioral habits through recognition opportunities.

Roles and Responsibilities

I worked closely with the product manager and engineering lead to brainstorm concepts. I then built clickable prototypes that we used in feedback sessions with business stakeholders and clients to validate our ideas for evolving the product.

Scope and Constraints

We had a small group of clients on the legacy platform and fewer on the new one. Our focus was to build new functionality that incentivized clients to migrate.


  • We gathered insights from user research, competitive analysis, and client and stakeholder interviews.
  • Collaborated with the product manager to prioritize features based on user needs and business goals.
  • Created and tested high-fidelity clickable prototypes using our design system to gather user feedback and iterate on the experience.

Outcomes and Learnings

The project wasn’t completed, but our work resonated with internal stakeholders and clients. 

The challenges we uncovered were:

  • Companies are cautious with the level of empowerment given to their individual leaders. They need assurances that the product is used in the manner intended. The solutions we discussed were to provide enhanced reporting and granular controls that would allow client admins to manage user permissions in a self-service way.
  • For budget controls and billing, a previously released solution for allowing a cost code was helpful. However, we hadn’t figured out the details of how we billed clients for non-standard spending from individual leaders using discretionary budgets in a centralized billing model.