PeopleKeep UX audit

A quick, 3-week, engagement to audit and refine existing design patterns for the core product focusing on actionable improvements that could be implemented quickly to help improve the overall usability of the product and align with new brand guidelines.


  • Reviewed signup and basic user flow with Product Team to understand the application and identify areas of concern for them.
  • Additional review of certain pages/areas of concern with the Product Team.
  • Gathered and audited design patterns, including documentation of all 172 existing colors and the need to consolidate down to align with recently implemented brand guidelines.
  • Created a list of immediate actions to take, along with additional recommendations that would have a long-term benefit.

Outcomes and lessons learned

  • Created reference-able design patterns for the beginnings of the Design System including:
    • A unified and simplified color palette
    • Updated typography styles
    • Established basic spacing guidelines
    • Refined design for notifications and alerts
    • Basic inputs (text field, dropdown, radio buttons, and checkboxes)
    • Unified button sizes and their states
    • Created sample layouts showing all the elements put together
  • Executive leadership, the product team, and engineering were very happy with the quick turnaround and focused, actionable recommendations.