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Solver of gnarly problems, UX and product design, sketchnote illustrations, digital creator of things for an analog life, writer of stray thoughts that mean little most.

Character designs for a story by one of my genius kids.

Plotting UX

What is User Experience (UX)? That’s a big question and a lot of considerably more talented people have tackled this subject much better and more eloquently than I probably can.


Welcome to the new tyHATCH.com! For nearly a decade this site has sat neglected. To my chagrin—and by being active on Twitter, Dribbble, LinkedIn and the like—I haven’t done much with my personal site and it has become extremely long in the tooth. So I’m changing that. The new design is fully responsive, uses lovely …

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WebVisions 2011

Just posted my slide deck on Slideshare for those of you who came to WebVisions last week. Huge amounts of thanks to Brad Smith for pulling together a great event and all the attendees and presenters I had a chance to meet last week.

Hero by happenstance

Sometimes life throws you really nasty curve-balls. Best you can do is keep going. Then there’s those who soldier on and create good from the tragedies they experience. Such is the story of Viola Vaughn. I just read her story over on CNN. Truly an inspiring story. And a true hero to those she’s helped.

URL for navigation

Adam Darowski looks at how using your URL as part of your UI can be helpful for power users. I’ve long used this as a best practice personally. It may take some additional effort to set it up on a larger service, but the long-term benefits of human-readable URLs are definitely are worth the effort.