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Ty Hatch

Product Design | Driving business value and revenue using strategic, thoughtful, data-informed design practices in B2B, SaaS, and Enterprise. Also, sketchnotes.

Why it’s a big deal.

With Apple’s release of Safari for Windows yesterday (BTW, the redesign–or should I say realignment: Beautiful! Like all things, Apple tends to be. Haven’t dug too far into it yet though. But I’m really enjoying it. Absolutely stunning update, kudos to their entire team for pulling it off.) Apple’s set the stage for a major

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SXSW wrap-up

First time I was ever attending SXSW in Austin this year. It was fantastic! Overall I really enjoyed it. I did feel like a few others that the panels were a bit lackluster. Panels I attended that I enjoyed included: After the Brief, Bullet Tooth Web Design, Stop Designing Products (probably my favorite), Worldchanging, Design

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