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Why it’s a big deal.

With Apple’s release of Safari for Windows yesterday (BTW, the redesign–or should I say realignment: Beautiful! Like all things, Apple tends to be. Haven’t dug too far into it yet though. But I’m really enjoying it. Absolutely stunning update, kudos to their entire team for pulling it off.) Apple’s set the stage for a major offensive for dominance online.

As a strategic move on Apple’s part, it makes complete sense. With Safari now running on PCs, the imminent release of the iPhone–internet browsing powered by Safari–and a firm lock on the Mac browser market–not discounting Camino, Firefox, Opera, OmniWeb Shiira, et. al, all fine browsers in their own right, Apple can now develop, along with others, online applications without worrying about shutting out a particular market segment. Of course, they do have some challenges in overcoming issues with financial institutions and the like, but most importantly they have a browser in a place where they need it to be, on the devices that connect to the Internet the most. It will be interesting to see what the online landscape looks like this time next year.

That does raise the question of Safari being available as a stand-alone mobile browser as Opera Mobile is now? I hope so. My gut feeling tells me that this step might technologically still be a ways off.


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