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Family History, or Genealogy, has become a growing concern of mine over the past year. It’s grown due to looking into my personal family history and trying to learn about my ancestors. It’s been a fascinating adventure, but I’m always running into the same thing: there aren’t any standout apps for viewing my family tree.

So I created Twig. It’s a proof-of-concept currently but I really like the direction it’s heading.

Some background on my inspiration for Twig might be enlightening. It came from Simple Bracket, a small app created by the fellows at Studio Neat. Dan and Tom took the traditional NCAA Tournament bracket and flipped it around making a much improved experience on a mobile device. I backed their Kickstarter and even though I’m terrible when it comes to picking a bracket (I’ll always put Gonzaga in the Final Four), I loved the simplicity and intuitiveness they brought to bear with their re-imagined tournament bracket.

One day—out of the blue—understanding dawned on me the awesomeness that would result by rethinking the traditional view of a family tree, and Twig was born. I’ve noodled with it a bit here and there, but never sat down to work out the UX formally until my friend Gilbert Lee started his 10 Designs in 10 Days exercise. He inspired me to take a couple of hours one night to re-imagine how a family tree might be created as a gesture-based native app for iOS 7. Enjoy.

Oh, and if you would like to see the screens on your device, here's a link to the PNGs.

Launch screen
Individual person view
Parents of individual
Two generation view
Three generation view
Three generation view for maternal line
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