I don't know a single designer friend who'd say the Comcast logo is good. Let's leave out any comment about their services shall we? Wholesale changing company's name is often the sign of more serious business problem, but that's not the point of this post. My purely superficial question today is did they improve their identity/logo?

Business reasons aside, I'd say that the new logo is an improvement, slightly. The ugly half moon is gone and there's a bit of tie-in to the old type in the new logo, but  I am not convinced that they have improved much. From their use of the color red (Red, really? We're not worried about the financials are we?) to the formal, modern face (Futura, Avant Garde, or ?) customized to allow the nice touches with the x and f and t and y. The "i"s are dotless, which works with the fi ligature, but not really with the t. And then just looks lonely to me.

Verdict: It's a soulless logo, perfunctorily well-executed. (But that's just me spending 10 minutes or so comparing their old and new logos.)