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Shadowing iPhone

The Shadow looks interesting. As a former T-Mobile customer, I wish them well in their effort. Personally, I’m still planning on getting an iPhone,

Why it’s a big deal.

With Apple’s release of Safari for Windows yesterday (BTW, the redesign–or should I say realignment: Beautiful! Like all things, Apple tends to be. Haven’t

Safari on Windows Beta

Whoa! I don’t know what to think. First, Cameron points out the new design over at Apple. Surfing around a bit, I do like

Developing Hustwit Syndrome

Went and saw Helvetica again last week up in Minneapolis at the Walker (amazing place to see art I might add–my first visit there.)

SXSW wrap-up

First time ever attending SXSW in Austin this year. It was fantastic! Overall I really enjoyed it. I did feel like a few others

Thinking Outside the Box

Ever run into this? It seems I’ve been running into a lot more of this lately than I would prefer. What is it that