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Stray neural firings captured as words. Sometimes design-focused, other times personal, usually topical and useless to most within nanoseconds of being published.

Designer Supplements

Dave Shea asks a great question and gets some great answers. Personally, I have way too many things going on outside of work right now

Opera Mobile has Flash

I’ve not followed this closely, in part that I don’t have a phone that could support this. (Ah, the joys of life on a

CSS Reference

SitePoint has launched a rather handy reference section on their site full of CSS Reference goodness.

Gordon B. Hinckley, 1910-2008

One of my heroes passed away last night: Gordon B. Hinckley. Next to my parents and grandparents, he’s one of the people whose influence

8 Reasons I like Netflix (even more.)

I was visiting Bill Scott’s blog (you know, organizer of Yahoo’s Design Patterns Library) and now newly employed over at Netflix. He mentioned they’re