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Minor Updates

As services come and go, change happen.

You may have noticed the replacement of the lovely Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson (aka the new Helvetica) with the sturdy Lato. It's not an ideal replacement, Proxima's forms are so wonderfully drawn, but for now, it'll serve it's purpose. Why the change?

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Inktober 2014

Joining the Inktober challenge for 2014


As September was ending and October starting, I decided I wanted to participate in Jake Parker's Inktober Challenge. In the past, I've unsuccessfully attempted to participate in NaNoWriMo but writing 50,000 words in a month has been an overwhelming challenge. Drawing 31 pictures in 31 days felt like a much more achievable goal.

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Documenting Design

Crossing the handoff chasm between design and engineering.

Note: This was published and lives over on Medium.

When I am working on a design, eventually I need to hand it off to teammates to code up. By now everyone has hopefully participated in some part of the process, are familiar with the design and—fingers crossed—shares the vision of what we’re creating. But how will my engineering teammates build out this wonderful thing?

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Meet Twig

Family History, or Genealogy, has become a growing concern of mine over the past year. It’s grown due to looking into my personal family history and trying to learn about my ancestors. It’s been a fascinating adventure, but I’m always running into the same thing: there aren’t any standout apps for viewing my family tree.

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Plotting UX

What is User Experience (UX)? That’s a big question and a lot of considerably more talented people have tackled this subject much better and more eloquently than I probably can. But lately, it’s been forefront in my thoughts so I figured I’d share where my thoughts about UX is heading by drawing a loose parallel using an increasingly popular notion of how it relates to plot development in storytelling.

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Welcome to the new tyHATCH.com! For nearly a decade this site has sat neglected. To my chagrin—and by being active on Twitter, Dribbble, LinkedIn and the like—I haven’t done much with my personal site and it has become extremely long in the tooth.

So I’m changing that. The new design is fully responsive, uses lovely webfonts served up by the great folks at WebInk and is much better looking visually and simpler to navigate than the previous incarnation. My trusty old blog has been put out to the electronic pasture, and while things aren’t perfect they’re heading in the right direction. With that as introduction, here’s a bit about how I got to the new design:

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