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As services come and go, changes happen.

You may have noticed the replacement of the lovely Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson (aka the new Helvetica) with the sturdy Lato. It's not an ideal replacement, Proxima's forms are so wonderfully drawn, but for now, it'll serve it's purpose. Why the change?

As with most things tech, services come and go. Such is the case with my favorite webfont service, WebInk. I've been using their service since Extensis introduced it in early 2012. It's been such a great service that I haven't worried it, because they just did things right. Set it and forget it is a wonderful experience. (And the work behind the scenes to make the service this reliable is undoubtedly one of the main contributors to it's closure.)

The primary reason I have so loved the WebInk service was their elimination of javascript to serve up webfonts. To me, it was a natural evolution of providing type for online experiences. I probably could have stayed with Proxima Nova had I just hooked up my TypeKit again, but I really like not having to rely on javascript to serve up webfonts.

Needless to say, I was bummed when they announced they were closing down the service last year, but they everyone such a long lead time (nearly a year!—Again, another example of the right way to communicate large scale changes) that I was, "I'll take care of it waaay before then." Yeah right.

When one of those random thoughts flitted through and reminded me about switching things out last week, I was, "Oh yeah, I should probably take care of that." So with sadness, WebInk has now been removed from my personal site.

Farewell WebInk, you provided a great service and I'm sad to see you go.

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